Best European Cities To Build Your Business

If you’re looking for a city to begin to build your business in, then you’re in luck. Europe is home to a huge number of business hotspots that will help you to grow your revenue, no matter what type of business you own. When it comes to building a business, location is the biggest factor you need to decide, as this can have both an extremely positive, and an equally as negative impact depending on where you choose to base. Europe is home to a commercial hub, and with a fantastic trade market as part of the EU, and a huge number of people moving around the continent both to live and to work, Europe is one of the great business continents.

Fortunately for you, we’ve narrowed it down to the best European cities to build your business. If you are thinking of starting up in a European city, then make sure to remember your EHIC so you can take advantage of free or reduced cost healthcare if you were to get injured or fall ill, before you become a permanent working resident of the country.

Munich, Germany

Munich in Germany is one of the best European cities to build your business, mainly due to its reputation among companies and access to markets. On top of this Munich offers a great availability of qualified staff, in a huge number of different industries, so this could really help you when it comes to building up your business – although this may come at a cost. The telecommunications in Munich are exceptional, so you won’t have to worry about networking and connectivity, transport links both externally and internally are also ideal. Munich is a fantastic location for employees too, as it is a city with minimal pollution, and can ensure a quality of life for employees because of this. The only downsides to setting up your business in Munich is availability of office space and value for money of office space. Simply, because Munich is so good for businesses, many headquarters and businesses are based there.

Madrid, Spain

Sunny Madrid is the perfect place to set up shop, particularly if you’re looking in the fashion, travel, tourism or leisure markets (although it is also great for everything else). Madrid has a high reputation among its companies, as well as really easy market access with the EU and other markets. In addition to this, the cost of qualified staff isn’t too high, and the quality of life for employees is also exceptional in Madrid. Madrid offers brilliant external and internal transport links around the city and to the rest of Spain, which is highly advantageous for both staff, clients and for easy access to meetings. Madrid also offers great self-promotion for a business, and is deemed to be a great place to build a business. The only negative is the high levels of pollution in the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As well as being a popular tourist destination, Amsterdam is also a great place to build a business. There is a great reputation of the location among companies, and because of this, self-promotion is easy. The government in the Netherlands have created a business climate in Amsterdam, and there’s a huge number of languages spoken in the area which is great for international dealings. There are no downsides to building a business in Amsterdam, and the city even boasts low levels of pollution, with cycling being one of the most popular forms of transportation around the city.

London, England

London is easily the business capital of the world and it is a fantastic city to set up shop. Although office space can be quite expensive depending on what area you’re looking to build your business in, it is readily available around the whole city. It has access to markets (currently), and thrives on a successful business culture. There is a high availability of telecommunications, transport both around the city and externally, and there is a huge number of languages spoken which is great for international dealings. Aside from the cost of staff, and high cost of living for employees, London is a great hub to build your business.

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