10 benefits of having a professional web in an SME


Surely many times have you heard the phrase. “If you’re not online, you do not exist” An assertion that today is even more relevant in the case of companies, however, despite the advantages, yet many SMEs are they have a website professional.

Consumer habits have changed radically and selling online has been imposed in almost all sectors. A relevant point that defines the importance of being present on the Net is that search engines like Google recorded more than 10,000 million searches per month to millions of potential customers.

Some of the advantages of having a website are these:

  • Greater visibility of business.
  • The accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Possibility to reach new markets and expand.
  • Showcase to be permanently visible products and services.
  • Sell online.
  • Strengthen corporate image.
  • Attract new customers to those who otherwise would never come.
  • Minimum investment and easy maintenance.
  • Increased customer knowledge, because in the web environment you can measure everything (visits, customer tastes, clicks, etc.).
  • Opportunity to compete with the big boys.

If you’re still not online, with service Your Web Movistar, you can easily create your website professional self-controlled, accommodation and attractive designs. The website is created in minutes, it is adapted to mobile and tablets and do not need any technical knowledge because it has a simple and intuitive web editor.

Having an Internet presence is no longer an option but rather a necessity.

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