A blog increases business opportunities

business opportunities

Having a company blog is like having a digital display that, together with the social networks, allows you to talk and spread around a message.

I dare say that a blog is one of the pillars of a website that any interested and concerned about their clients company has to take into account, since it helps to connect with the need to catch the attention of potentially interested audience in your product. And it is cheaper than other media to reach potential customers tool.

Benefits of a company blog

1. Making the invisible visible

Internet has changed the way we communicate, to amplify the visibility of companies and get to reach 89% of consumers use the Internet as a channel for finding information on their process.

Another relevant fact is that 90% of consumer digital-length videos displayed on the Internet and 84% read news online at least once a week.

2. To gain positions, you have to be in the race with other riders

Having a blog helps position your brand stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of your company in the sector. If you do not participate in the race, you’ll hardly get results.

3. Attract audience to retain and convert into customers

A website alone is difficult to attract traffic, just like a local at street needs to incorporate other strategies to know him. In the digital world there are different ways to do it, through promotional campaigns, social networks or through a blog.

Promotional campaigns usually require a large investment to maintain well-positioned brand. Social networks are a perfect claim, but keep a balance with messages to avoid falling into self-promotion and lose the essence. Therefore, I suggest that you include a blog strategy to capture your audience, with content designed to meet the needs of your customer.

4. Trust is not asked, you win

Building trust is essential to connect with your audience. If the content meets the needs of your client, it will come to you whenever you have doubts, increasing their trust in the brand and with you in mind when you are ready to buy.

5. The challenge is to differentiate Internet

We all want to be on the Internet and be the product of choice, but the consumer is demanding. The challenge is to deliver benefits, instead of listing the features of our products. I am staff, specific and valuable. In short, express emotion through copy writing.

6. Networking online

Just as you go to conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, and share coffee talking about you and your company with others who share your interests, the online networking is the same, but through the Internet. Having a blog will allow you to spread your message through these channels of communication and getting feedback, new contacts, viralizar your message and increase outreach.

7. Capture leads or potential customers

A company is only as good your database. Can you imagine what you can achieve with a list of people who are interested in your product or service? Subscribers get naturally brings to your company invaluable. A list to work and keep users informed of new updates, promotions and news.

8. Communication Channel

Publish success stories, responding through a post to frequently asked questions or provide solutions to the needs of your customer can get firsthand a feedback of great value with which to continue to work and improve your product or service.

9. Digital image

What would you think if you tell a company that has no contact phone or email? Can it be taken to the extreme, but what I want to convey is that the longer you take to assume that the way we communicate and reach your audience has changed, more sales opportunities are lost.

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