A List of the Most Important Questions You should Ask a Prospective Plant Hire Service

Purchasing a piece of equipment for your construction requirements can be quite an expensive endeavour; in fact, for companies who are just starting up, it can be impossible. What’s more, by purchasing an asset, you are also burdened with the insurance, storage, maintenance, and the requirement of having trained staff to keep the equipment in working order. All these problems are solved by a plant hire service – they provide short-term use of equipment and take care of the storage and maintenance for a monthly fee. However, not all plant hire services are the same. In fact, there are some big differences. Here’s a list of the most important questions you should ask a prospective plant hire service before using them.

Knowledge and experience are important

As project manager, you need to understand (first and foremost) what the job requires – what needs to be done. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have always thought of everything. Every manager has to rely on the experience of others. If your plant hire service can offer you knowledge and experience for the specific job at hand, you are likely in good hands. Look not just for the right equipment, but also for advice.

  • Have you done any projects like this before?
  • What kind of equipment do you recommend?
  • What possible problems should I be looking out for?

How about logistics?

The more depots and plants they have, the better chance you can get the right equipment to the right location at the right time. Look at their logistical capabilities and their delivery records.

  • How many depots do you have?
  • Can you transfer equipment from one depot to another?
  • Do you have maintenance crews in all your depots?
  • Do you offer on-site repair?

Exactly what equipment is available?

It seems silly to ask this question, but you’d be surprised at what’s available. Always describe the job at hand, and listen to their recommendations first!

There are many plant hire services in the UK – and of course there is a very good reason for this; it makes sense for companies to hire their equipment rather than buy it. The good news is that these plant hire services are all in competition with each other, so there’s a great chance you’ll find the plant hire service that fits your needs perfectly. However, it’s important for you to do your research and take the time to find the right one, as plant hire experts like Ruttle.co.uk, with strategic locations in and near Lancashire, Preston, and all over Central and North West England, will tell you. It’s about efficiency, after all. It’s about doing the right job, with the right equipment, in the shortest amount of time possible. And for that, you need a good plant hire service as a partner. Choose well.

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