Bespoke Packaging: Cosmetics, Pure Packaging Design

If there is a product on the market that usually attracts us more because of its packaging and for its presentation, than for the exhaustive knowledge of its components and characteristics, it is cosmetic products; both male and female.

The main purpose of the packaging of this type of product is to attract the attention of its potential buyers. How many of us who use a daily moisturiser or beauty products know the components with which they are manufactured? Few.

We can use one or the other, we can even follow some recommendations of a friend, but what really drives us crazy is the bespoke packaging in which these products are presented, the advertisements in which they are presented, the feeling of cleanliness, elegance and beauty that they pretend to transmit – because, a product made to make us feel ‘beautiful’  has to be beautiful; it has to be able to make us feel even better … it has to be, in many cases, miraculous.

High-performance design

Cosmetic packaging must perform better than any other with a double function; be able to combine perfectly the technical information of the product with the purely commercial function of attracting the eyes, creating the need, and convincing. The reality is that nobody would reject the opportunity to improve their appearance and with it, the possibility of being liked.

The combination of ‘impossible’ variables

In the times in which we live, image is ‘everything’ and to achieve this creativity seems to have no boundaries. Neither creativity nor imagination is spared in the production of designs designed for pleasure, designed to be as original and effective as the product they contain. You have to be different, you have to be elegant and you have to convince through a beautiful and attractive package.

Design with substance

But cosmetics, like food products, and many others, are also obliged to adapt to social trends, trends that are increasingly inclined to have natural and healthy products – products that must also respect the environment.

There are many variables that must be combined in an industry in which many of its products are far from the reach of a large part of consumers. Thus, the design of this type of packaging should be primarily attractive without forgetting the seriousness with which they have to be presented. The sober and elegant designs usually attract the attention of the most discerning buyers and are often associated with quality products.

The packaging of cosmetics needs to constantly reinvent itself, as well as delivering an attractive and convincing message. It needs the permanent search for new materials that suggest and invite; it needs a typeface according to its external characteristics that represents the quality of the product it contains. It needs imagination and creative freedom but without losing sight of a clear concept. It needs a wise combination of designs to survive in a large market with large competitors.

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