Comes ‘Go to cloud’, a new way of working for SMEs

 working for SMEs

Since launching Osborne 1 (considered the first laptop with market success), laptops have evolved in line with reduced weight, size and (sometimes) also price, improving performance.

But it was not until the appearance of the tablets when he woke in the market need to work in a more mobile, simpler and more connected way.

Unfortunately today, in the business world, there is a solution to that need, and there is still a gap between the notebook ecosystem and the ecosystem of the tablets, which has triggered many of us still continue with “couplet” notebook + tablet.

In response to this situation, and after several months of work, we launched together with Microsoft cloud Go to job, a proposal which aims to bring Spanish companies a new way of working in collaborative, multi-device environments and / or mobility. In short, the goal is to facilitate the creation of more versatile working spaces that respond to the daily needs of each business.

To do this, this solution combines device, Office 365 and Windows Intune, covering the needs of any company in terms of office automation, productivity and IT (information technology) management.

Surface device 3 4GL/TE

Tablet Surface 3 4GL/TE of Microsoft is the main novelty of this proposal. This team has taken a step forward in the concept of ‘two in one’ as it really gets to replace the PC and accessories.

A device 622 grams capable of running office automation, multimedia and productivity applications slightly, thanks to its Quad Core Intel® Atom ™ processor and 4GB of RAM. The device has so attractive accessories such as cover-keyboard, with the same dimensions of a normal keyboard and similar to 10 pages thick, which makes it easy and comfortable transportation.

It also includes the Surface pencil, with thanks to the native integration with Office 365 Surface and so interesting features such as electronic signature, handwritten corrections document capture, screen clippings or graphic editing can be performed, among others.

Office 365

With Office 365 we are already enjoying some time in the office solution par excellence of the era of cloud that incorporates interesting capabilities such as:

  • Automatic versioning cloud (the hundreds of versions of a document is finished).
  • Collaboration in editing documents.
  • Departmental folders in the cloud.
  • Workflow integration (via SharePoint).
  • Go to cloud incorporates all these facilities with which they get to increase productivity, efficiency and safety of your company. No more using “non-corporate” cloud disk.

Windows Intune

Last but not least important, it has joined Windows Intune to meet one of the most important needs that we have moved the clients involved in the “multi-device” was: The active fleet management devices , both their own and alien (BYOD).

Windows Intune enables any IT manager to remotely manage the plant enterprise devices (from mobile to computers), easily, thereby strengthening its security features such as locking devices, management of corporate policies, management security in the shared data, etc.

In short, it is a combination designed to create the most productive, mobile and secure computing since the market for Spanish companies.

During the coming weeks we’ll be revealing much more about the solution cloud Go to job and how to exploit the full potential of a working environment in the cloud.

I have already tried and I can say without doubt I’ll take this proposal.

And you? … Do you dare to Go to cloud?

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