How to Design Outstanding Product Packaging and Labelling

Here, we give you the keys to create an attractive package that captivates the senses of your customers in their shopping experience.

Packaging is a strategic sales tool, as well as a security guarantee. The container of the product gives face, body and personality to what you sell and materialises your brand and gives aesthetic quality to the functionality of the container. Therefore, a box, bag or container should look good and induce the purchase.

To achieve this, you have to understand how to integrate content with an impeccable composition. First, you need to consider the needs of the product and then the communication needs of the client.

The issue of cost might seem a limitation for many small and medium businesses, but cost challenges can always be solved with a creative approach. If the objective of the company is to have a competitive and differentiated product, then adjust the design to meet these goals according to the budget available. The challenge is in combining this unique quality with commercial effectiveness.

Marketing studies are not always right!

The design must be original. If it is original, it allows greater product differentiation simply through the packaging. Some of the most innovative packaging has gone completely against the established trends and accepted practices – and subsequently grabbed the attention of the consumer.

Something many marketers still fail to understand when considering packaging and labelling is that consumer practices have changed. This means that a good market research study should only act as a foundation for the generation of design ideas. But it should not be the determining factor in decision making.

It’s not as simple as black and white

For example, there is too much generalisation of mental categories and responses to colour by many marketers. The impact of colour on consumers is just not that simple, as each colour has various shades which can impact on the appeal of packaging to consumers; something not often considered in sufficient depth in marketing studies.

Also, some circumstances are often overlooked in marketing studies, such as differentiating consumers no longer responding to traditional classifications. There are social contextualisation standards that are executed in packaging to identify the product. In this regard, niches (with specific cultural characteristics), rather than socioeconomic levels, are what determine the benefits of the product.

Sheep follow – lions lead!

Unfortunately, many small and medium entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of simply copying other successful packaging designs. But this is not a good solution because it affects the consumer experience and the image of the brand. It is better to pay more attention to the advice of experts in aesthetics and packaging and be aware of current labelling machine technological capacity so as to come up with an innovative and cost-effective packaging and label design.

Simply being conventional, based on marketing reports or copying other existing ideas, can be your worst enemy. Your packaging and labelling need to stand out! Dare to be different!

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