Optical fiber, the best vehicle to travel to the cloud

Optical fiber, the best vehicle to travel to the cloud

The technologies in the cloud has grown exponentially in the last year.

We keep listening to providers and users talk about the wonders of the virtual disks, the convenience of the computer online, to take their servers ultramodern remote data centers. All very “virtualized”. Both the mall dazzles us not count the jams that are mounted on the access roads.

Network capacity improvement and deployment of fiber continues apace.

However, three out of four users of cloud applications complain that your Internet connection is not up to scratch. The quality of the internet connection, along with the credentials of the service provider, the most critical element of any journey to the cloud. The fiber is no longer an option but a necessity is evidenced links with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country.

But what do we mean when we talk about a quality connection to ensure effective use of cloud services?


For granted a very important factor, because our business can not afford to go “pedal”. At this point recommend you always put on the other side of the scale to your needs. This fever megs reminds me that not so distant battle megapixel digital camera, which not only ended when the staff realized that more megas were not only better quality, but also less free space on the card memory.

As obvious as the difference between 10 and 300 Mb, the big question is: how do I know how fast I need? And is that megas and gigas not give an idea of how clothes fit in a suitcase. That depends on your profile as an Internet user. 10Mb connections are more than enough for regular single use: browse, check email and access online to office tools.

Companies with multiple computers should start at 100Mb, because in an office should be considered in addition the number of simultaneous accesses being made.

Advises the wise Spanish proverb that “big donkey, walk or not walk”.

Clearly, the faster the connection, the better it will be, but you should never forget when you drive fast enough rate options is that the differentiating factor is the added value that such a connection you can offer.

Service level

The optical fiber, with respect to ADSL or cable, ensures a constant speed, since not suffer interference electromagnetic, and keeps although connect several devices at once. By having lower latency (time it takes services “make the case”), it provides better results in intensive information transfer tasks such as video conferencing or streaming.

In addition, ease of guaranteed throughput, lets you reserve bandwidth for specific applications.

Of special interest is the predictive maintenance. The routers are smarter optical, allowing the operator a more thorough monitoring of correct operation, that takes the user to service level agreements (SLA) more demanding.

Intelligent management of calls from your customers

To guarantee the quality of service your connection digital voice (or voice over IP) allows you to access sufficient guarantees to facilities as a virtual PBX service, value as they come and not only for those who are willing to cut all the costs associated with maintaining their old unit.

Perhaps his name scare the little ones, but it is only the service that you will finally meet without let you pass one, all the calls from your clients. Because you will not only divert to receive them on any phone (or uniquely smarter criteria), but also manage them from anywhere.

You will not leave or meet with a customer without detours that depend not only on the hour, but the availability of your staff at any time or with an “intelligent voice” that automatically route calls to the right person.

All without any equipment, software or service for configuration. No maintenance costs or commitment to stay, retaining, of course, your current phone number.

Not only it beeps “communicating” or not responding over. The cost savings is obvious, especially in companies that require many shifts or have geographically remote locations. Can make a call from anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity or establish “conference calls” to remote users is no small thing.

Remote Storage Systems

Virtual hard disks are increasingly widespread. They integrated as a folder on your desktop are really comfortable, especially for those who work with more than one device. These if they are difficult to lose or break!

In terms of capacity and security, give more of a return to physical devices and open the door to a real efficient collaboration. A good Internet connectivity coupled with robust work space, we can easily share with others is a huge competitive advantage.


Working in the cloud saves time and effort synchronization “post-processing”. But beware, it is not the same work with a disk in the cloud to do a backup in the cloud. When we talk about preserving previous versions or to ensure that the information stored is consolidated and is recoverable, the backup in the cloud is an additional safeguard.

The connection is important, I would say it’s the mother of all needs.

However, you can not forget that performance issues are not always attributable to the Net. No wonder not have enough memory or have account-without giving us any kind of software on your computer malicious hidden.

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