Ship parcels in USA in the Best Manner Now

In order to send parcels from Italy to one of the countries of the USA no export documents are required for customs clearance, a waybill is required, a copy of which will be applied to the package, a copy to be kept signed by the carrier and a copy to be delivered to the courier.

Shipping parcels outside USA All direct deliveries outside the USA require a commercial or proforma invoice, a declaration of free export and a waybill. This is because the expedition will have to pass through two customs offices, the American one exiting and the one of the incoming country of destination. For the cheapest courier to USA the options have opened now.

The mandatory information to ship abroad

In this case will be: complete data of the sender, complete data of the recipient, contents of the package, value of the goods and motivation to export.

How much does it cost to ship abroad?

If you want to know how much it costs to ship abroad, a simple and fast service is given, which offers the possibility to calculate online time and shipping costs of many couriers. This allows you to compare the prices of the contracted couriers online and choose the one that best suits your needs. Below is an example of the prices for shipping abroad.

The costs in the table are indicative because the actual cost will be calculated based on the volumetric weight determined by weight and size of the package. Find out right away how to save on shipping abroad, calculate your best quote. The best of Parcel tracking is here now.

How can I ship packages abroad?

For example if you want to send a package of 50x50x50 cm. weighing 30 kg. From Rome to USA, just enter this information in the appropriate form and click on “estimate”. A list of available couriers will be displayed with a minimum price starting from $ 44.58. The results are calculated based on the volumetric weight that takes into account weight, height, length, depth and number of packages. The order must be completed by entering all the data of the sender and recipient, truthful and correct information.

You can request some additional services to ensure the goods with coverage up to $ 5,000 of the value of the goods and to make a triangulation, indicating on the waybill a sender different from the person who is actually making the shipment. Furthermore, it will be possible to certify the shipment requesting the proof of delivery to the courier. The shipper and its partners will take charge of the shipment and will deliver it to the destination address indicated when filling in the data.

Some types of goods are not accepted as those declared dangerous by legislation, animals, with insufficient or inadequate packaging, money, valuables and personal. After shipping you can check the status of your package thanks to the online tracking available in your personal area. Send now!

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