Sliding Doors used by large corporations across the world

Sliding doors have for a period of time been the new preferred choice for large retail outlets to get more and more people into their stores. For years, we have been going into stores to buy goods with automatic doors sliding to the left and the right, but in the past this was not always the case. So why, and how, have these doors become the people’s choice when it comes to retail?

Firstly, the big appeal of sliding doors is that they can let a lot more footfall into the store quicker during busier times. Doors which require people to open and close them cause obstruction and with shop owners fighting for every person, making it easier for people to get in the shop is important.
Secondly, sliding doors allow for much more interrupted glass which can significantly improve the look and feel of the shop. With much more light getting in, the shop can look bigger, more inviting and play more emotionally with our purse strings.

This has been highlighted recently as major world brand Apple have added some of the biggest sliding doors ever to their new store in San Francisco. The moveable glass doors cover the whole front of the building, and are multiple stories high. The reason – because it looks good!

There are also many other reasons why sliding doors are used on many retail outlets. By tradition, if you imagine ways in which you can maximise commercial gain, you will want the most things on display. So as a result, sliding doors also allow for more items to be on display at all times. Linked with some really good roller shutters, you can keep the building displaying your products at all times.

Such is the quality of this product, it now appears odd to go into a shop without being greeted by the automatic sliding doors. People have almost forgot that in years gone past, we wouldn’t have a problem opening a shop door. The sound of a ding of a bell or a beep was pretty common. Now though, if the door doesn’t open for us it does seem a little odd.

So, the next time you go into a retail outlet, don’t just walk past the doors hoping that the sensors do not go off on the way in and out. Look to see what type of door they have. Are they trying to flood natural light into the store to make it look bigger than it is, are they drawing attention to new products or on sale items (most definitely) and are they trying to make it easy for you to get in? In some stores where there is a clear in and out, you may find the entrance doors are automatic and easier to get into than the exit doors (another good marketing strategy).

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