5 Key Skills You Need to Work as a Front of House Manager

It takes a special set of skills and a particular person to work successfully as a front of house manager. While chefs, bar staff, and salespeople are all key to creating a successful catering business, front of house is equally as important. Do you want to build a successful career in catering and hospitality? Think you have the skills you need to develop as a front of house manager? Check out these important attributes.

  1. Ability to Offer Outstanding Customer Service

A front of house manager is definitely a customer-facing role. You need to be entirely skilled in offering a first-class customer service and acting as the public face of your restaurant, hotel, or establishment. People visiting the establishment base their impressions not just on the standard of food and drink but on how well they are looked after front of house. You need to be focused on making each customer experience special, and providing a friendly, efficient service at all times.

  1. Effective Listening Skills

When it comes to hotel recruitment dublin managers know that it is essential to employ effective listening skills when working in a front of house position. It’s not just about being able to listen to an order, but you need to listen to the underlying problems people have, their concerns, their tone of voice, and their questions. Effective listening skills allow guests to express their opinions and needs, and for you to offer effective guidance and solutions.

  1. Organisational Skills

You need exceptional organisation skills when you work front of house in Dublin or across the UK. You need to be able to look after different customers with different needs, at the same time. You should be able to prioritise tasks and be able to delegate tasks where appropriate so that each task is completed on time by the appropriate person.

  1. Insider Knowledge

As front of house manager you will get questions about all aspects of the restaurant or hotel. You need to be able to develop a full knowledge of all parts of the business so you can answer questions directly or know where to direct people for a more detailed explanation.

  1. Patience

You will inevitably encounter an awkward customer or a tricky request and it takes a lot of patience to deal with problems while remaining calm and cheerful. You need the skills to be able to deal with even problematic guests in a calm, polite and professional manner at all times.


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