3 Top Travel SEO Strategies for You to Put Up a Strong Online Competition

Any entrepreneur, into any industry, will surely say that SEO is the primary activity they need to focus on to improve and maintain their website ranking and traffic. When it comes to the travel industry, digital marketing is more important, and the process of SEO is more competitive.

The big brands in travel sector seem to grab the major share of organic traffic. However, it is possible for the small and medium sized enterprises to compete as there is room for everyone when it comes to travel and tourism.

However, those who are looking forward to reap the best results in travel sector through SEO efforts, there are a few essential things to keep an eye on. Let us discuss few of these points below.

  1. Find out the most popular search keyword phrases and optimize for them

Most of the small and medium sized enterprises may be focusing on domestic travel. So, it is essential to do local SEO based on the most popular search keywords related to your niche.

There are a number of tools such as WordStream and Soovle available for you to use for keyword research. Keyword research is an important baseline activity that you need to accomplish to give the right directive to SEO efforts. There is no point in getting your website optimized for the least sought after keywords.

  1. Do effective content marketing and get quality back links

There is no doubt that most of the travelers do their research online to find out comfortable avenues to trust. Before taking decisions, they search for validated information such as reviews, articles, discussions, blogs, star rating etc. So, of all the challenges that SEO professionals face while working for travel portals, the biggest is the complexity in supplying fresh content regularly and acquiring relevant backlinks.

The users may be simply exploring options for their next ideal holiday destination based on the information they gather. You have to attract their attention through proper content marketing. Social media marketing is an effective avenue to explore. The experts can also help you with:

  • Article marketing – Provide as much relevant informative articles as possible about the popular keyword phrases. Also use anchor text to redirect the readers to the web pages of their interest.
  • Publish FAQ’s – Users find it as the simplest mode of decision making by getting direct answers to the questions they have in mind. Therefore, you must prepare a comprehensive “how to”, “which is” type of FAQ on your travel portal.
  • Guest blogging on relevant sites – Do blogging consistently by posting articles on the major travel blogs and directories. Always focus on writing for the most reputed ones as a guest blogger rather than wasting time on the low-domain authority sites.
  1. Ensure better reach through mobile optimization

As we know, every one out of three internet users now browses for information through smartphones. When it is about travel sites, people want to access those on the go, and they mostly do it from their mobile devices. So, mobile SEO becomes essential to ensure the following aspects:

  • Providing the users with instant results and information
  • Offering the most precise information on the go
  • Displaying quality images and videos to make it more engaging
  • Sharing content across all platforms
  • Giving interactive mobile experience for more customer engagement

While focusing on these three aspects is important, you should also pay attention to the page load speed, social media optimization, email marketing and other parallel modes of digital promotions to enhance the overall travel SEO performance.

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