Audio Visual Interactive Showcases: Technology at the Service of Consumer Demand

Capturing the customer’s attention is an increasingly complex process. No matter the environment: on the internet, in a shopping centre, on television, on the street, etc.

Companies have to work harder every day and introduce new mechanisms that help them to differentiate themselves from the rest, to be more striking, to avoid being unnoticed, to dazzle.

One of the audiovisual (AV) installations for both the physical store and for exhibitions or stands that is worth considering, among other AV rental options, is an interactive shop window.

Did you know that the main brands of the world already use it as an attractive resource in their marketing actions?

Here, we explain why this sensory and innovative technology triumphs, as it captures movements and makes a difference compared to the rest of conventional shop windows.

Capture the attention of your target customer with an interactive showcase

Why use an interactive storefront in a store? Clearly, to achieve impact at your own point of sale.

This is how it was executed in a project with an interactive showcase created together with Nike in a major Nike Store. As you would expect, the Nike store is strategically located with a lot of pedestrian traffic in the centre of a cosmopolitan city.

So, how do you make pedestrians turn their heads to see the store window?

The solution deployed was for a product launch and consisted of an interactive showcase with a 55-inch 2 × 2 videowall at the flagship Nike store.

In addition, the screen itself reproduces a written message inviting the audience to interact with it. A call to action that does not go unnoticed by anyone!

Why opt for interaction as a differential element?

Because the shop window facilitates interactivity with the buyer at the point of sale. It allows customers to know the details of the product, its prices and characteristics in a very visual way and the passerby can touch the screen with his/her own hand or, in this case, make gestures in the air or give orders to the screen and see the information they are interested in.

Other important points to consider include…

  • It is a totally innovative way of exhibiting a product. In a pioneering way, users select what they want to see and which content they are most interested in from the same showcase.
  • In addition, they have the ability to buy, at the moment, through their mobile phone thanks to QR codes and 24-hour a day availability, without depending on the business hours of the store.
  • The ability of a user to interact with technology can also be an important source of data, from which we can analyse, for example, what is most striking.
  • Also, incorporating incentives helps to encourage the call to interaction and with which we can obtain a database of great value.

Undoubtedly, audiovisual installations are already part of our lives and are the appropriate technology for companies when they want to reach the consumer in a more innovative, attractive and direct way.

Discover all the opportunities they offer your business and trust in the best team of professionals capable of advising you, recommending the best solution for each application and executing an impeccable plan with which you will achieve your objectives.

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