Great Techniques to Boost Your Instagram’s Engagement Levels

One of the biggest perks of Instagram as a platform is the unlimited scope for engagement, curation of user-generated content and all round interaction between a brand and its followers. One of the biggest mistakes several brands make is that they have great content, but focus solely on publishing, giving little or no thought to engagement, which means they miss out on huge opportunities for organic growth of a fan or customer base. Here are some amazing but simple techniques you can follow to boost engagement and growth.

Optimize Your Bio

The 150-character limit on an Instagram bio field means you will have to clearly outline the focus and most important features of your brand in a limited space. This is the easiest to implement and simplest to understand tactic. If you want to drive traffic towards a web page or another profile including their links in your bio is the way to go.

Follow Various Top Accounts

Based on your brand identity, there must be a number of genres and types of profiles, products or features entirely relevant to or dependent upon your cause. Find more people who like the same things you do and get in touch with them. For example, fashion bloggers, designers, and models can all be brought together by fashion profile on Instagram. Following the most popular authors or posts relevant to your cause also means that you’ll be able to chalk out a simple framework of which brands and accounts to follow based on content and relevance.

Utilize Comments, @mentions and Direct Messages to the Fullest

Any brand which attracts huge volumes of engagement in terms of Instagram likes and comments will find it difficult not only to keep track of or to extract data, but also to reach out and reply to every single message. In these situations, it is best to seek third party Instagram management and automation tools which can collect data from user posts or comments and further automate the reply process meaning your followers stay engaged and stay happy, which is a tremendous boost to your organic following.

Follow a Strict Template for Replies to Messages

No user should be able to put you on the spot during the course of the season. What this means is that you should be prepared for just about any situation, even for messages which absolutely need you to reply to them, like career or customer service inquiries, negative feedback, sales leads or random spam.

Private messaging is at one end of the engagement spectrum on Instagram as it is entirely private, the other being @mentions on comments which are public. @mentions for specific users show them that you have recognized them and that you like and appreciate their feedback or their help with anything. This also almost always leads to a like or a comment.

Keep Tabs on Hashtags and Geotags

You can also see how popular your posts or your profile are through Instagram’s APIs or third party applications. By tracking the hashtags and trends you use, you can find out how many users engage with the brand and exactly where they are located. Common hashtags include brand names, event names, product or service names, and puns and so on. It is vital that you keep tabs on all the content you share so as to be able to utilize any UGC they generate and also to use their organic data as a stepping stone for a successful future for the marketing campaign.

Share video

Video is in the spotlight for social media marketing in 2016, so if you want to bring more attention to your brand and grow your Instagram following, using video is a safe bet. As so much of Instagram’s beauty lies within the ability to tell stories through your posts, video allows you to do this even more dynamically.

Post strategically

Most aspects of business are reliant on time, and your Instagram marketing efforts are no different. It’d be tough to try and gain more followers if they aren’t on Instagram when you’re posting your best content.


Instagram currently has over 500 million active monthly users. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that over 40 percent of Fortune 100 firms are actually using the platform. With the perfect Instagram marketing plan, you could successfully drive fantastic returns for your specific brand. If you are looking for success on this platform, you must commit to not only creating images but sharing them too. Share relevant and interesting images with some other like-minded accounts as that would be effective in propelling each other towards success.

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