Promotional Gifts: The Tools Your Company Needs to Make a Mark

One of the strategies that are always included in a good and complete marketing campaign is personalised company gifts, which are extremely useful to the company to give it greater visibility.

Also, over time, this allows you to gain new customers and to build loyalty with existing ones, strengthening the commercial relationship.

On many occasions, what is really difficult for us is to choose from the wide variety of personalised advertising gifts the one that best suits us due to the characteristics of our company, services or products that we want to promote.

Now, one thing we can be clear about – the more useful and attractive the article is, the better it will benefit our company.

Best of all, there are cheap business gifts that cause that great advertising effect that we look for and need. They transmit what the company wants to highlight, whether it is to enhance the image of the brand or its corporate slogan.

If done well, they will make an impact in the lives of the customers for whom they were created.

The big question, therefore, is the following: how is this goal achieved in the form of a gift? On what should we base our final choice? This article provides some tips to get the right promotional gifts for our company.

Tips to get the best promotional gifts

According to promotional gift experts  there are several things to consider in choosing the best promotional gifts:

The first tip is related to the design. We must get a very attractive gift to be successful among the target audience. In a world so focused on beauty and image, the smallest details are essential.

They make the difference between using our gifts and fulfilling the role of brand positioning for which they were created or simply ending up relegated to a drawer, at best, or thrown in the garbage at worst.

The second tip is that the gift has to be extremely practical. A keychain may have some usefulness, but if to this common object is added a USB drive to store and transmit data, it will become one of the most practical gifts for any user, they will not want to get rid of it, and will use it with some frequency, and our brand image or advertising will always be present.

This same example is useful for customised pens. Promotional pens and advertising pens are probably one of the most popular gifts. But if you want to make a difference and offer your customer extra, try adding something else, such as a ballpoint pen that is also a touch pointer to use with a tablet or on a smartphone. It will probably become the recipient’s favourite pen.

The third tip is related to colour. The use of colour is extremely important in any marketing strategy and we must bear in mind that brightly coloured objects are much more striking. Even if your company wants to convey formality, you can add a glossy finish to the promotional gift to make it much more attractive. If they are intended to be offered at fairs or stands, consider using the corporate colours to convey an image consistent with the whole event.

The fourth tip is related to creativity. We have to try to choose a creative gift or at least something new, differentiating. Everyone has several promotional bags or corporate shirts with different emblems or brand logos, but if you want to make sure your promotional gift is successful, come up with a creative design.

Offer a fun aspect to the client and do not try to revolve everything around the logo or company name. These elements should be visible but in a secondary place, integrated into a design that encompasses them. In this way, you will ensure success among users.

The last tip – the best gifts are those to share. In this sense, there are many promotional items that have been created for the user to share with family or friends. They are very varied and can range from a box of chocolates to the aforementioned pens, or there are useful tools, such as flashlights.

If the user or client shares these promotional objects with other people, the work of expanding the brand and its advertising reach grows exponentially.

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