Simple Ways to Promote Your Restaurant on a Budget

One of the most volatile businesses to own is a restaurant. Many new restaurants open and close their doors within one year. Those that last past a year will often close within three to five years. In order to succeed in the restaurant business, you have to balance controlling costs with increasing food sales.

Promoting Your Restaurant

One of the best ways to increase sales in your restaurant is to promote your business. Even if you have the best tasting food in the world, you can still fail if no one is aware that your restaurant exists. There are many ways you can successfully promote your restaurant without needing a large advertising budget.

Use the Internet

To help spread the word about your restaurant, you need to take advantage of the promotional opportunities that exist online. First, create a website for your restaurant, even if you own a small sandwich shop. Creating a website featuring your name, location, hours of operation and menu should be done before you open your doors.

Making sure your location will be listed in local directories will make it easier for people to find you when they want to order the type of food you serve. Make sure your site’s content includes keywords that indicate your location so customers from your local area can find your business. For instance, ‘pizza parlour in West London,’ rather than just ‘pizza parlour’ is the best type of keyword to use.

Interact with customers on social media and use certain platforms for posting the appropriate content. Place pictures of your location and food on Pinterest or Instagram, post your daily specials on Facebook or link to your website on Twitter. You need to be where your customers are and, in many cases, that is online.

Use Menus to Promote

Your restaurant’s menu can be a vital promotional tool for your business and help increase your sales. If you have a more casual restaurant, using colour, bold typography and images can create a menu that will catch your customer’s eyes. Place menus in table top menu holders to promote specials or new menu items.

If you serve more than one menu per day, use single page menus to promote specials for each meal and place them on each table. By using images of your food on these simple menus, you can help increase sales for specials or new items that you may be featuring in your restaurant. Although you may have images of the food on these menus, the descriptions still need to make the food sound delicious, so be creative and concise when describing each featured item.

It is important to promote your restaurant in a way that stands out from your competitors. Along with making use of the Internet, create menus that stand out and entice your customers into trying new menu items. This can help you increase sales and make more money without needing to raise prices for your food.

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