The ‘copywriting’ in content marketing


Creating quality content has become a pillar of the strategy of SEO. Content creation is important for three main reasons:

  • It helps to attract potential customers to your website.
  • You’ll get a organic positioning.
  • It allows humanize the brand and create closeness with your audience.

What is content marketing?

Of all the definitions there on the net, I have chosen these two are what, in my opinion, are the most successful:

“Content marketing is offering interesting and useful content to your customers and potential customers to approach them, rather than shout to buy your products or services.” Eva Sanagustin.

“Content marketing is able to attract potential customers to become customers and then repeat customers.” Copyblogger.

Content without copywriting can cause loss of information, hence the importance of using techniques that support the effort in creating content for your business objectives.

For what is content marketing

  • To create confidence.
  • Par position the company as an expert in a subject.
  • It contributes to more visibility to your customers or potential customers.
  • It offers the possibility to promote your product or “free” brand.
  • It helps consumers make decisions.
  • It allows users to find your business through search engine, and that 86% of potential customers using generic terms in their searches to gather information.
  • 90% of users prefer clicking on actual search results and not about advertising.

Create content with the intent that the reader perform a desired action by the company requires persuasion, therefore, an essay aimed at attracting and captivating the reader is essential. At this writing it is called copywriting.

How do content marketing

The first is to plan. For that. You can these seven steps to create your annual marketing plan contents:

Preliminary internal study of the company. Make a SWOT analysis, analysis methodology to know the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities for your business. Once you have identified your strengths, you’ll see how thoughts begin to flow around content creation.

Define short-, medium and long term. Content creation is a strategy in which the results are obtained in the medium and long term, so I suggest that if your business requires immediate results, it should work in parallel with other strategies aimed at obtaining short-term results.

Getting your content marketing strategy to succeed, the goals must be specific, measurable, achievable and relevant.

Brainstorming. Once done the SWOT analysis’ve detected what strengths and capabilities of the company are, just it needs to shape the objective you want to achieve with the content you will generate.

This objective can be: educate, inform, persuade, entertain, promote, capturing audience. Besides knowing the purpose of the content it is important to know the sales phases, which are divided into four phases: attraction, interaction, conversion and retention. Identify what stage is your company and choose which objectives to meet your needs, to then determine what type of content publishing.

Keyword research. The aim is to offer interesting content for your client, but without forgetting to Google, which will determine who your web positioning in the search. Choose how you want to position keywords; If your business, for example, sells street furniture as well as “street furniture” other keywords that will help you position yourself may be: wooden fences, dustbins, benches, planters, bicycle parking, signage, etc.

Ubersuggest and planner Google Adwords keywords are two tools online free serve to increase the number of keywords. I suggest you to browse through them and try them.

Create an editorial calendar. At this point you sort your priorities and content for it can use a spreadsheet and plan monthly what will you publish. To increase the reach of each publication, use the scheduler keyword Google Adwords allows you to meet peaks more visits, very interesting to be aligned with the interests of your audience. It also gives you the chance to download the information into Excel to work easily and conveniently.

Broadcasting Social Media and other platforms. We must revitalize the publications to reach your audience. Social networks, together with a strategy of email marketing, and other platforms (Slideshare Issuu, Karmacracy, for example) are essential to disseminate the contents.

Measure results. According Brandpoint to measure results in content marketing have to look at the following parameters: knowledge, consideration and conversion. In the table below you can see which metrics take into account to analyze the contents that are working better:

Applying the copywriting content marketing

Techniques copywriting applied to a marketing strategy well defined contents are the perfect marriage to make your blog successful. Using emotional language and writing to persuade are the ingredients of copywriting.

In How to Write a Web text that appeals to your audience we saw ten keys that you can apply to the content of your blog. Interested can also read this other article: How to write the post perfect.

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