What are the Materials You Need for a Great Presentation? Your All-Important Guide

There are many aspects that make up a good presentation, foremost of which is how you interact and bond with your audience. But there’s another aspect which can effectively make or break your presentation: your materials. The materials you have for your presentation will serve to enhance it and bring it to the next level. The range of materials you can make use of is extensive as well – from PowerPoint slides to brochures to props and more. So, what are the materials you really need for a great presentation? Here’s your all-important guide.


Gone are the days of presentations written on paper, and we have PowerPoint to thank for that. Nowadays, no presentation is complete without PowerPoint slides as they allow you to present further proof of your topic. But be careful – when you have PowerPoint slides, make sure that they are used as a prop, not as the be-all and end-all of your presentation. In other words, make sure that your presentation can still survive without PowerPoint. Some well-designed slides are one thing, but if you use too many, you’ll just end up alienating your audience. The rule of thumb to the number of PowerPoint slides is from 15 to 20; try not to go over this so you can cover each subject thoroughly. Keep your slides simple and avoid making them cluttered.

Props and product demonstrations

When you have a presentation of a product, one of your ultimate goals is to appeal to your audience’s senses. The more the audience is involved, the more effective your presentation will be. But if you have a service-oriented business, it’s still a good idea to bring a prop that can demonstrate the strengths of your business. One such prop is a printout or a picture of a letter or an email from a customer. If you want to validate your business’ strengths and what you’re trying to promote, this can be quite effective.

Handouts, brochures, and kits

Brochures, kits, and handouts are always effective if you want to send a more detailed message about your products or services, and if your audience has questions, they can easily refer to your brochures, kits, and handouts. It also pays to have special A5 presentation folders made which you can use for your handouts, as they serve as handy tools for promoting your company and brand as well.

And when you have your brochures and presentation folders done, make sure they are printed on high-quality paper and not flimsy paper which can easily get ripped or torn. You would want them to last for some time, and, more than this, you want to give a good impression of your company. Having these materials printed using low-quality graphics or paper may end up giving the wrong impression to your audience, and you certainly wouldn’t want that. One more piece of advice: make use of semi-glossy paper rather than glossy paper, which can be more difficult to read. And of course, have it done professionally as well – it’s worth the small investment.


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