What Does Color Say about Your Brand?

Did you know that choosing the wrong color for your business could end up having a negative impact on your customers? This is not just a fact it is a scientifically proven fact.

Colour is the very first thing your customer notices even before looking at the logo. This means that the wrong color has a huge impact on the cost of your sales.

Whether we are aware of it or not, colors have a huge effect on the way we perceive things as human beings. Warmer colors like yellow, red, black and orange make you feel energized. On the other hand, cooler colors like brown, purple, green and blue make you have a feeling of calm and security. Try to figure out the industry your business operates in and decide on what you want your customer to feel.

The business industry your company is in will greatly determine the colors you need to choose. For example, Black and its connotations with death are probably not a good choice for a healthcare company. Blue may be a better color as it exudes a feeling of trust and responsibility.

Let me take you through some of the most popular colors in the world chosen by the top brands and what they make us feel as their customers.


This is a sunny warm color that emits feelings of hope, creativity and energy. Therefore, it is naturally a good choice for energy companies and those businesses serving households. However, it is not a popular color for those companies offering financial or travel services.


A provocative color that makes you feel energetic, passionate and captures immediate attention. This is a good color for the Food and Technology industries.


This is the most popular color choice for branding. It makes people feel that they can trust you, makes them feel comfortable and make your business appear like a responsible organization. This is a great color for the financial and travel businesses but not a preferred choice for Food and drink businesses.


Black makes people associate your business with prestige and value as it oozes sophistication and expense. It is mostly used by clothing brands and the automotive industry. However, it is unpopular among energy and travel companies.

Choosing color is not everything. It is only the first step. What is important is making sure you chose a color that integrates into all your marketing tools consistently. The marketing tools include your landing page, logo, product packaging and your signage.

If these tools are integrated they will help you achieve the maximum impact possible. To find out more about the importance of brand consistency, read our earlier articles.

We are more than happy to help your business integrate a corporate color scheme into your visual brand communications. We are waiting for you to contact us so that we can help you out. Just contact us at Zoo Signs and your brand will never be the same.

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