What Promotional Items Are Most Used by Brands?

When a brand launches a new product or service to the market, one of the ways it has to present it to the public is by carrying out various marketing strategies that integrate into its design presentations, as well as promotions and gift items, logos or special designs.

Precisely the latter, also called promotional merchandise, is one of the most common ways that firms use to stay relevant in the mind of the consumer.

Its use is so important that the promotions industry is big business worldwide. It supports agencies and brands to incorporate a wide variety of promotional items into their marketing strategies in order to establish a lasting bond with consumers.

What the research says

In this regard, the Research Department of Merca2.0 conducted a study to assess which are the most popular items and which are those that represent a higher level of utility for the consumer.

The data obtained shows that…

  • Ballpoint pens are the most gifted promotional products since 15.1 per cent of consumers admitted having received this type of item during a promotion.
  • In second place were ecological bags that were referred to by 7.9 per cent of those consulted.
  • In third place, come key rings, with 7.5 per cent.
  • Other items that are very common in promotions include calendars, thermos, cylinders, caps, cups, and USB memories, among others.

It should be noted that these types of branded promotional items are intended to remain present in the minds of consumers and strengthen engagement. The study that included a survey of 368 people, also revealed that those consulted considered that these gifts are to “remember the brand”, “sell more”, “boost a purchase”, and “develop business relationships”.

The key to successful promotional merchandise

The common factor among all the top items mentioned in the survey is that of ‘usability’ and constant presence in front of the client or customer; think how often they use a keyring, pen, bag or similar item, possibly on a daily basis. Your brand is with them, always!

The importance of corporative gifts

Often whenever we talk about promotional items or corporate gifts, we simply imagine a badge, a pencil, a USB, a hat, in general; basic gifts that do not surprise our clients or collaborators.

What we do not know is that there is a world of diverse corporate gifts that we can deliver that will surprise them and make them speak well of your company.

Sometimes we believe that having good customer service is enough to position ourselves in the minds of our consumers, but we are wrong because we must also have a milestone inside their heads with something that surprises them.

Generally, the gifts are always given for the market milestones of the brand, but rarely for the milestones of customers, if we ask how many times we have given a gift to a customer who has bought enough during the month or who has recommended us to friends or family, perhaps the answer is: never (hopefully not).

Isn’t it time you rewarded your loyal customers with personalised promotional merchandise to mark their important milestones?

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