4 Quick Ways to Reduce Company Waste

The rising costs of operating expenses have most businesses exploring new opportunities to save money. Reducing waste is one area that can save the budget and also help the environment. Eliminating and reducing the amount of trash generated does not have to be a difficult task. Below are four simple ways you can start today.

Discourage Disposable Water Bottles

Disposable water bottles account for a large percentage of bulk waste at landfills. Although convenient, these plastic bottles can take years to break down. It is harmful to the environment and can fill up your waste can quickly. Set the example by installing water filters to improve quality and use a reusable drinking bottle. Discourage the use of disposable bottles.

Go Paperless

The technology exists to offer receipts and exchange files electronically. Invoices can also be sent through emails. Reduce as much paperwork with your company as possible. You might be surprised how much money is saved with trash hauling costs within the first month. You may need to consider having a mobile app created that can help you go virtually paper free.

Reduce Packaging Materials

A business that takes raw materials and uses them to create an end product will receive the initial materials in some sort of packaging. This might be wooden pallets or cardboard boxes. You will not be able to totally control how this material gets to you, but check with all suppliers and see if they have a way to reduce the packaging materials, especially if you have no way to reuse them. Finding other uses for boxes and pallets is one way to keep them from hitting the waste receptacle, which will save you money.

Encourage Recycling

Set up areas in your business to gather and separate any recyclable materials. You can start with aluminum can collections in the break room, cardboard collections in a storage area, or an area for paper products. The choices are unlimited with recyclable goods. Employ the use of a compactor that will compress the collected items and make them easier to store until they can be picked up for recycling.

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