Don’t Fear Losing Your Job Because You Filed an Injury Claim

After a work related accident, you should get medical attention right away. You will obviously be asked to stop working while you recover. The number of days or weeks depends on the seriousness of the injury.

If you have suffered from an accident as a result of work, you have the right to ask for compensation from your employer. However, you might be afraid you will lose your job if you claim. The initial reaction of any company is to be defensive. They will surely deny that they were at fault. They will make it look like it was your fault that you suffered the accident.

You can’t be fired

Just because you are asking for compensation from your employer and it seems like you are going against them does not mean they can fire you. The law prohibits it. You are the injured party and you are entitled to ask for compensation for what happened. The company might have been negligent and that is why you ended up in such an unfortunate situation. You might have also been given low quality equipment to work with.

The law requires that they cover the medical costs until you have recovered. Any financial losses incurred as a result of the incident should also be covered by the company.

Be ready for another legal battle

Your company will surely take things the wrong way when you ask for compensation. They will most likely find a way to indirectly fire you. They might also look for other means to prevent you from working. They could make the job totally unbearable. They might also give you unfair working conditions. They might give you more responsibilities and deadlines to meet.

This could lead to unfair dismissal. This is yet another legal battle you have to prepare for. With experts like those at by your side, you should not be afraid to face your former employer. You did not do anything wrong.

There is due process

Don’t worry about asking for compensation since there are simple steps involved. This is in fact a burden that is covered by the company’s insurance. The insurance company will investigate what happened and award you the amount you deserve. As long as everything has been well-documented, you won’t have any reasons to fear unfair treatment.

A lesson for everyone

Whether you are asking for a burn compensation payment or any other compensation due to a work-related injury, you need to remain strong. You are doing this not just for yourself but for other employees who might suffer from injuries in the future. Let them know their rights. They can’t be removed from work. They can also file claims without being harassed or threatened.

You can be an example if you successfully win your case and get a good settlement offer.



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