Infor Continues Growth To Upset The Giants In The Cloud Computing Industry

When it comes to cloud computing, there are not many large corporations that can be mentioned. There are always talks about companies like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Now, a third competitor appears on the market, led by former Oracle CEO Charles Phillips. Infor and the rest of Charles Phillips’ business affairs were widely covered by the media, gathering a lot of attention, mainly because of the fact that Infor promises to offer something that is clearly lacking on the market: a focus put on small to medium sized retail companies.

Everything changed for Infor in the moment Charles Phillips was appointed CEO. Before the role he was CEO at market giant Oracle. Infor basically got Phillips and many of his lieutenants move to what was labeled as being the largest upstart in the world. The growth that then appeared is one that is definitely impressive.

Infor grows because of the way in which business is approached. Many specialists see the company as being a huge competition for Oracle and SAP. Phillips and the management team does not see it like that. They focus on a specific part of the retail industry, the small to medium sized companies. That approach led towards a huge investment campaign led by really large acquisitions.

To keep it as simple as possible, Infor decided that it wants to create a complete user experience that is offered through the help of the cloud. This is definitely something that is interesting and that proves to be really effective for clients. At the moment Infor services over 70,000 business customers. Close to 30,000 of them already made the switch to CloudSuite based applications designed for improving all operations.

Charles Phillips did a lot of work with a focus on marketing, service functions and sales at Oracle. This is what continued at Infor. The customers did see his work as being particularly effective because of the time that was invested into understanding concerns. He is known for always keeping his word and making crucial investments for the benefits of the entire company. At the same time, there is a constant focus put on development and improving all the cloud applications that are offered.

It is quite obvious that Infor wants to eventually go public. However, the company representatives did not actually mention this at any point in time. This basically means that there is no real timeline for the move. We are still in a development phase, one that will continue until Charles Phillips believes that Infor offers business solutions that are 100% perfect for the clients serviced.

On the whole, the constant growth of Infor and some other key companies in the cloud market has made Oracle worry about the future. This is quite obvious since we are faced with some pretty interesting investments that are made by the giants. They keep buying new technology and are actually using the Infor strategy. Obviously, Charles Phillips is a specialist in this and there is a strong possibility that he will do everything better.

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