Obtaining Clear Information in Secure and Discreet Environments

Many legal cases depend on testimony given by eyewitnesses and other involved parties. It is vital that this information be given in a reliable and confidential manner so that the integrity of the case stays intact.

However, when lawyers, mediators, and other legal professionals are continuously interrupted and not allowed the discretion they need to interview witnesses, they may omit details or compromise the information that is given to them. By using facilities set up for testimonies, depositions, and audio transcription Los Angeles CA area legal pros can get the details they need without worry of their work being interrupted or threatened.

Variety of Locations

When gathering information that they need for a case, legal professionals often must go to the witnesses rather than the witnesses coming to them. They can still get the details they need by choosing a facility that is close to where the witness is located.

The company offers a variety of facilities throughout the county so that legal pros can choose a place that is as close to a witness as possible. This convenience makes it easy for both the legal team and the involved party to get to the location. It also cuts back on a law firm’s travel expenses while working on a case.

Security and Discretion

The facilities offer the highest level of security and discretion so that people can give testimonies without fear of their details being overheard or compromised. The rooms are insulated with soft carpeting and upholstery so that people can hear what is being said without anyone having to speak loudly. The court reporter can understand what the witness is saying and make sure that the information is transcribed and recorded accurately without fear of the testimony being overheard by people outside of the room.

The rooms are also spacious and have facilities for several people to sit down and be comfortable during the deposition. These locations are equipped with large tables and plenty of seating so that eyewitnesses can bring legal counsel of their own. Likewise, people getting the depositions can bring assistants and others if needed.

Testimony given in a legal case can factor into whether or not it is heard and tried fairly in court. Lawyers, paralegals, and others can get the secure and discreet depositions of involved parties by using facilities set up for transcription, recording, and other legal purposes.

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