Top Tips for Proper Crane Care and Maintenance

Even if you are just planning to hire a crane for your project, it’s still in your best interest to maintain it and keep it in tip-top shape, simply because it will be easier to use and will be more effective and efficient whilst you are using it. Also, if you are opting for crane hire, it will give the dealer or crane hire company a good impression about your business and perhaps even result in a better deal or better pricing for crane hire services in the future.

Mind you, keeping a crane properly cared for and maintained isn’t that difficult if you know what to look for. You don’t have to be a crane expert to check a crane for defects or faults, especially if you are using it daily for your project. Here are some top tips for proper crane care and maintenance.

The essentials

When it comes to maintenance, there is often a checklist included by the manufacturer, and this includes critical information when it comes to safety as well. If you have opted for a crane hire service which comes with an operator of the machinery, ask them if they have a checklist for proper maintenance. If they don’t, ask the crane hire service for the maintenance checklist. You should also have a logbook where maintenance concerns can be recorded for reference.


Inspecting the crane

Check or inspect the crane both when the engine is turned off and when the crane’s engine is turned on. You can do a surface inspection of the crane’s accessories and its structure. The crane’s structure should be examined and inspected for any deformity, cracks, or corrosion, especially in the boom. You should also check for any loose rivets or bolts, and for excessive or too much wear and tear when it comes to the clutch and brake system and its parts. You can also check for wedges in the crane’s structure which are deformed as well as for guardrails, pins, and cotter keys which may be defective. If you can, make an inspection of the crane’s mechanical elements or components, such as the hydraulics, gearbox, etc.

Checking the hydraulic system

When it comes to the crane’s hydraulic system, you should check for any leakage or signs of deterioration and check if the motors, pumps, and hoses are working safely and effectively, as confirmed by the experts in crane hire in Hull from APH Cranes & Access. The fluid levels should also be inspected as well as the air cleaners, particularly if they need cleaning or replacement.

Checking the control systems and devices for monitoring

Cables, levers, and brakes should be checked for extreme wear and tear or poor adjustments, and you should also check if the indicators for the boom angle, load moment, and boom length are working properly.


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