5 tips to harness the power of smartphones

5 tips to harness the power of smartphones

An undeniable truth of our times says that people not only use smartphones, but adore, worship, can not be disconnected from them. Too much? Perhaps, but it is a reality that crosses every moment (are you reading this note from your iPhone or Galaxy ?). If you are in the business world, you must adapt to this scenario and make a profit.

Are you properly taking advantage of the high use of smartphones? If you do not already know, read the following tips:

1. Adapt your web design for smartphones

Your website should adapt smoothly to the screen of a smartphone. This is known as adaptive or responsive design.

If you’re just implementing your website, seeks to fulfill those characteristics; and if you already have a web site, then hurry to provide it with a responsive design, otherwise it ‘ll be as outdated. Remember that the user of Internet mobile want to quickly find the information useful.

2. Seize the use of text messaging and QR codes

The internet mobile has a number of characteristics that should take advantage of . For example there are codes QR. These serve for many things, like getting subscriptions to create a mailing list, offer coupons or discounts. If you are a regular user of smartphones, surely you used a QR code.

Another possibility is to use text messages. While some consider declining, they are still useful to promote deals. Yes, try sending SMS to customers who subscribe to your database, otherwise end up by becoming a nuisance and be locked.

3. Build a fan base on social networks

Users of smartphones are regular users of social networks. So never forget to add a button that will encourage them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. This action should help improve your network of followers and contacts in the world of networks social.

4. Take advantage of geolocation based services

Encourages people to register on location services like Foursquare. This will give you information about your regular customers and how often you visit. It will also allow the opinion poll customers about your business, as usual they make comments about your business.

5. Encourage the creation of reviews and ratings on your business

You should encourage your users to share their experience and opinions about your business. Something similar to a digital suggestion box, and certainly more effective. You can even open accounts at sites ratings for businesses, such as Yelp, Google Places, TripAdvisor, Foursquare.

If you provide good service, they will surely come positive opinions and thus strengthen the image of your business. And the review will serve to give some adjustments to your business.

Remember that the Smartphone is just the platform. More important is the strategy you employ to exploit this technology. And especially do not forget to focus your company offering excellent products and services.

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