Facebook launches new professional tools to manage pages

Facebook launches

A few weeks ago we discussed the possibility of adding a badge response time in our professional Facebook pages, from now on, we will find many additional features that allow us to manage communication from any device more effectively, with new controls and more response levels.

These developments are moving us from the web of Facebook for companies:

All pages can set the average time that the company needs to respond to messages. Administrators can choose to display will respond “within minutes”, “within an hour”, “within hours” or “within a day”.

The average response time for pages is calculated automatically and the response time displayed on the default page is the average actual response time but, from now on, administrators can control which response time is displayed publicly on your page.

Thus, if a page usually respond to messages in an hour, the administrator can set its response time to visibly users know what the page timeout.

This feature aims to give administrators more control and flexibility over the use of its website as a channel of communication.

In addition, the response time of the page will also appear in the private messages, so that users know how long they will have to wait to receive a response from the company.

We find a new status messaging (which will be visible on the page), called “Activity” that will allow administrators to indicate whether or not available to respond to messages.

For example, if a page indicates that serves no messages in a specific time, users will see that the page does not respond to messages at the time and know that not get an answer immediately. When this new feature is enabled, the messages it receives the page will not be considered for the response rate of the same.

Administrators can also set away messages and instant answers. These responses may indicate the time customer or where to turn for more information. These responses will be automatically sent to people who send a private message to the first page.

It Redesigned Inbox to make it easier to use, give more context to communication with business and deliver messages in real time.

When managers respond to the page message from a user, you will see the previous talks that have remained the same, as well as information on the interactions that person has made to the profile and also your current city.

Administrators can add notes about the person you are having a conversation, their current orders, previous customer service preferences, or any other relevant information to the user.

Administrators can add tags to categorize the talks to find them more easily and respond later. These notes and labels will be visible to all administrators of a page.

Administrators will also show the profile information of the people who leave comments on the page.

Finally, Facebook announced that it will introduce later on pages other interactions as check-ins, mentions and opinions on the management tool.

All these new features are starting to launch worldwide and will be available to all pages in the coming months.

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