Five myths about the workings of Facebook


For some time now the capabilities of Facebook surpassed the mere function of making friends, as we discussed in the article “Four unknown Facebook functionality you should use. The magnitude of the most popular social network in the world does that generates information for itself. But beware, we can not believe everything we read about it.

Internet is full of myths about the workings of Facebook, you can reach us doubt about the performance of this platform. Leaving aside the classic canards, which ensure that the social network will be paid or that users can see who is visiting their profiles, what they really need to know is that in this network there are no tricks.

Then let’s clear up some misconceptions about Facebook, so our strategy is done safely:

The hashtags are useless. The questioned hashtags serve as a link for a user to more easily find publications on specific topics. With them we share or retrieve information more quickly. However, we should not forget that Facebook is not Twitter. The talks do not work in real time on the platform of Mark Zuckerberg. This is the reason why almost no one wears pads because they do not ensure greater reach for our publications.

‘Like’ or share? Facebook defines the scope of a publication and the number of people who have seen such content, which is to be displayed in the news section. To increase or decrease that number, many think the best way is to ensure that the content is shared, but not necessarily so. A like, in order to reach, can function as the sharing.

In both cases the content may appear in the section ‘Latest news’ of our friends. The difference is that with the ‘Like’ (and all emoticons that are rigged) a menu with options of visibility is not displayed. By sharing, however, we can select the public the message and add a few lines of text to it.

Facebook is the best platform for videos. It is true that this network is betting strongly on the video format, and more and offers more features for sharing this content. But aside from that … little more.

Upload a video to Facebook not assure us greater visibility, no more SEO reproductions.A level and number of views, Youtube wins by a landslide. The only positive point is the network of Mark Zuckerberg is their greater ability to viralizacion.

You can not delete a Facebook account. Yes, that’s right. Unsubscribe from this network it is difficult, but not impossible. Facebook allows you to disable an account temporarily . With this action, the platform will keep all our user data (friends, photos, interests, etc.), but hide the rest of the community.

But if we want to remove the account permanently , things get a bit complicated. To carry out this operation, we expressly inform Facebook.

When the floor is final, users can not see the bill, but may be necessary up to 90 days to remove everything that has been published.

Facebook does not respect the privacy of the images. A classic. Many users think that to upload a photo to Facebook, the social network takes over ownership of the image, you can do business. That’s not true.

According to the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities of Facebook, the platform does not allow posting content that violates the intellectual property rights of another person, including copyright and trademark. Yes, all user data posted on the social network can be used to send targeted advertising and segmented.

We do not be fooled. There are very few shortcuts on Facebook. The smooth operation of this tool is everything for our digital lenses are met. We must be attentive to issues such as the scope, ownership of the images or setting up our own, basics of our journey in this network ends in fruition.

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