How Social Media Can Help Your Content Marketing

As content marketing becomes more and more understood and companies are recognizing its importance, marketers are always looking for new ways to drive their new content to their audience. While we can’t completely rely on our audience, customers, and clients to frequently visit our website, blog, or other digital pages without prompting, the use of social media platforms can be extremely beneficial.

Social media should be viewed as the connection between your content marketing strategy and your audience. But rather than an area where you simply spit out information in the direction of your readers, your social media pages are a two-way street.

Many companies fail to recognize that their social media pages can benefit them in more than just one way. We see companies just posting links, articles, or even sending out the same message over and over. It becomes very clear that these companies have set what they believe their message should be up on a posting service and let it go.

Those companies will usually find that their social media is doing nothing for them. It is there because they believe it needs to be, but it isn’t benefiting them in anyway. Instead, consider the two pathways of social media and what benefits they can bring to your company.

Here, we look at how companies can use social media for distribution and how companies can use social media for communication and connection.

Social Media for Distribution

The most obvious way to use your social media platforms to push your content marketing efforts is for distribution. While some websites may enjoy their visitors frequently checking in for new blog posts or articles, many will need to prompt their readers to check out their new content. The best way to do this is through sharing it on social media.

Anytime you have a new article or blog post up on your site, let your fans and followers on social media know. Providing them with easy links directly to the post is a great way to ensure potential readers get to check out the information. Because social media has a relatively short attention span and things can easily get lost in the sea of frequent posts, social media also allows you to continue to push out your new articles and blog posts at an extremely low cost.

Your social media pages are also a great place to keep the conversation going. When you pay attention to the trends on your social media pages, look at questions people are asking, or just re-introduce your old posts and articles, you can keep visitors going back to your old pages and browsing through. Remember, it is important to promote all the pages of your blog, not just the most recent one.

Social Media for Communication and Connection

As we said before, your social media should be viewed as a two-way street. Your followers and fans haven’t connected with you to be talked at or to feel like they’re keeping up with a computer. They expect to catch a glimpse of the individuals behind your company. They want to connect with your brand.

As a digital marketing agency in Sydney will tell you, your social media accounts give you access to the people interested in your products and services. Your social media accounts provide you with direct access to ask questions and get feedback, all at no cost to you. Take advantage of it.

When you talk with your fans and followers on social media, you can get a better understanding of the information they are looking for and what content they enjoy. This information can then be taken back to the drawing board and your content strategy can become more tailored and precise, drastically increasing your number of reads and shares.

The connection that can occur on social media also goes beyond that of customer and company. In many ways, social media is also great for customers spreading your message to other potential customers. When you create a piece of content that one of your friends, fans or followers enjoys, they may then choose to share it with their own group of friends, fans or followers. Without ever doing any extra effort on your end, the reach of your content marketing strategy has extended.

As marketers, you should know that your social media is incredibly important and that your content marketing strategy is also crucial to finding business success. But if you’re not using them in conjunction with one another, you’re missing out on amazing opportunities to refine your message and ensure it reaches the people interested in reading your content.

Remember, your social media is a two-way street. Use your platform to tailor your content to the people engaging and use it as an avenue to let them know it is available.

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