Snapchat Roadmap for over 25s

Snapchat Roadmap for over 25s

I must admit, I do not feel at all comfortable using snapchat. I think I’ve grown up, or at least higher for this application messaging is succeeding both among young people. Specifically, 45% of its users are between 18 and 24 years. It has 200 million registered users, of which 50% is active daily as of March 2015 data.

A social network in which more than 400 million a day stories are created, which are shared over 20,000 pictures per second and in ten years we would need to see all photos shared in the last hour, is a platform we must take into account.

Perhaps the first question we ask ourselves is why they like both young this application, what it found? We must keep in mind two things, the first is that “the new generations are more visual than past”.

And the second is that the content that interests the millennials are characterized by short, entertaining, funny, novel, unique, informative and relevant (already commented Ivan Fanego in this article on the keys to generate content that will attract).

I have highlighted in bold those characteristics that meets the content generated in snapchat, being informative and relevant in view of the receiver.

That is not easy to use for those who are already users of other social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it is one of the reasons why you’re having so popular among young people. And the fact that your parents are not in the social network is synonymous with freedom. Couple this with the “fear of missing something” (or FOMO) and the pull factor among young people, we have a successful application.

Basics understand snapchat

The registration process is perhaps most similar to others already known applications. Once inside the application and time to generate content or consuming it is where, if you feel identified with the beginning of this post, we have problems the “little millennials”.

One recommendation: everything is easier if you go tinkering application while you read.

Add friends

Upon entering the application, we will see at the top snapchat logo. When in yellow it means that someone has added us as friends, as if blank have no new follower.

Our code of snapchat

There is nothing but the yellow square with the ghost of snapchat inside. The combination of points around the ghost functions as a QR code, to be scanned acts as a link to our profile. We can customize it by clicking on it. I encourage you to do the test, as it is quite funny gif you can create as a selfie.

People who’ve added you

It is accessed through the link I added that has a smiley face next. Once inside, you can add people you followed by clicking the + button.

Add friends

Which is the second links (add friends ). Either by user name snapchat, from your contacts (for which you need to have verified your mobile phone during registration), add to someone close (and unknown) or added through code snapchat, which is nothing but scanning the image that we mentioned above.

My contacts

As the name suggests, is access to users who have as contacts. If you click on any of them, it appears the user profile in question and can:

Send a message.

Send a photo.

Edit our relationship with him, put a nickname, remove it as a friend or block.

Generate and consume content

To create a snap, as it is called to create a picture or video shared on this platform, we just have to access the application, focus and click the circular bottom button. If we keep it down, what we will record video up to 10 seconds (remember, brevity is essential in this network).

Once we have our Snap fact, there are several editing options:

Add emoticons, text or drawings to our Snap. If the screen slid to the left, we see the different “geofiltros”. For example, the city where the picture was taken) we can apply to our image it appears.

Define how much time can be envisioned.

Download our gallery if we want to keep it.

Inclusion in our history of the day. If we included, it will be available for 24 hours to our friends (or all snapchat, if so we set our privacy).

Send to. This option allows you to define who can see the Snap.
If we are not yet sure they want to send selfies our contacts left and right, I get it, another option we have is that of private messages.

They can be accessed from the profile of the user you want to talk or clicking the button notifications in the lower left corner (1 in Figure 4) and then access the chat through the icon snack, located in upper right part of the next screen, where already selected the person we chat.

If the icon next to the person you are speaking is in color, content means that you have not seen. If, as is the case for example, is blank, you have no new messages from that person.

A couple of tricks that you must consider in respect of private messages:

The history is not saved. If we want a message to be saved, we must mark it. To do this simply click on the message until it is marked as shading.

If you want to do video, the two will have to hold the camera button (button at the right side of the box) at the same time for several seconds.

Then they say that Twitter is difficult, but hey, let’s continue:

If we choose to see the content that others have created, you can access:

Private messages.

The closest thing to a timeline, but with nuances. Here we find:
Stories: we see our stories and our contacts have created. I are available 24 hours, remember.

Discover: generated content and media companies such as People, MTV or CNN daily. Scroll through screens like you’re doing zapping you’ll be discovering content.

Live: Live content on specific topics. It is information generated by the user. For example, when there is an event in a city and snapchat detects that you are in it, it gives you the option to publish in these stories created by the community, rather than in your story of the day.

Eye if you make a screenshot, as the author of content person will receive a notice and know that you have made this capture.

And privacy settings

To edit your configuration and privacy, we only have to enter our profile and in the upper right wheel will access the configuration panel.

What we have access?

Basic user information. We can edit our name and aliases and verify our phone number and email address, password and configure Snapcash (for payments via snapchat, but this is for when we already advanced users). If you do not want our friends encontrasen us by phone number, we may disable that option here.

Additional services, where we can, among other things, enable or disable the filters (for those who need to share location).

Define who can send Snaps and see your story.

Other settings Advanced.

Snapchat and businesses

Not every company will need to be in snapchat, but if the target of your business is young, you should have it in mind. Here are some recommendations when planning your content strategy in this new social network:

It offers different content to other platforms . If you are already generating video for Instagram, Vine Periscope or not to replicate it on this platform. Looking keep it short, fun and unique.

The content has snapchat expiration. You have to provide content that if it is not consumed at the time, is lost, thus generating the need to see updates periodically.

For example, display the “behind the scenes” in the production of other videos, messages influencers famous or work with your brand, promotional codes at the end of a Snap , exclusive, etc.

Fits your language to your audience. He thinks that the target of this network is very specific, so you should share them especially oriented content. I recommend that you see the channel CNN snapchat as being a means of news, fits, in my view, very well content to the audience it is directed.

Remember, although at the beginning it would make famous for sexting, today is an element of communication between the new generations. Are you ready to start using snapchat?

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