Social media and user-centric innovation

Social media

Last Saturday I was invited to give a talk (for the fourth year! ) in the always interesting Benaguasil Party, or as they call BP2K9 from the organization, on the intersection of two topics that fascinate me, Social Media and Innovation.

In the presentation I talked about the Open Innovation (Open innovation) can benefit from the social dimension and focus on participation offering philosophy Social media.

Specifically, I approached in a somewhat more practical two complementary approaches to innovation focused on the user, the crowdsourcing and how to involve the user and / or client in our innovation processes through what has been called customer feedback 2.0.

Since it was a relaxed atmosphere among friends and in which the skids apologize, I decided to innovate and prepare a “different” presentation using Prezi. He had been some time wanting to use this very different way of presenting, and had not yet found the occasion where “throw me in the pool” … then you can see the result:

I intend to post a monograph on “crowdsourcing” in the coming days, as I think it is an approach that can be spread at the current juncture (though not all) ..

Do you think that this kind of approach makes sense in most companies? How you could address?

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