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Squeeze Twitter

One of the services that we provide most social networking is the statistical analysis of the behavior of our accounts, whether business or personal, within the network itself. In some cases, such as Twitter or Facebook, we have a vast amount of information that, properly analyzed, we can be helpful.

Let’s see what we offer Twitter in paragraph analytics:

Home page Twitter account

Once inside our Twitter account, just go to “Analytics” from the drop down “Profile Settings” and we have access to all the statistical data of the account.

The first show is the home of the account in which we find a summary of data from the last 28 days compared to 28-day period just prior (number of tweets , impressions, visits to our profile, mentions and followers), but immediately after we get the first differentiating Twitter Analytics data that we can hardly find anywhere else so easily:

  • Tweet principal.
  • Main references.
  • Main follower.
  • Tweet with main multimedia content.

These four qualitative data allow us to know at a glance the content that our audience favorite, the interaction of other users that has impacted us and also highlights our most influential follower network.

If we are doing scroll down this same screen, they will appear chronologically previous months with the same monthly summary data (tweet, mention, follower and tweet with major multimedia content).

The consultation of these data, only go down over the screen with the cursor, it allows us to get a clearer idea of the content that really more interested in our audience and help us publish content or promote the best tweets with a higher rate of interaction from our audience.

To get here, we have only seen the main screen analytics Twitter, but most have several options:


In this section we can see the activity of our tweets on impressions, that is, the times when our tweets have been shown to other users, either organically (by the proper functioning of the algorithm Twitter that powers our timelines ) or by promoting (with tweets surcharge).

The most significant data that we have are the impressions and interaction rate: the number of users who have made a retweet have bookmarked or have responded to one of our tweets from the total of users who are He has shown that tweet. I think everyone can clearly see the usefulness to us the summary of all this data, in order to publish content more relevant to our followers.


In this section we offer qualitative information of the audience we target demographic, geographic, information interests and even on the dominant operator of mobile data among our followers.

We also have other information, including a graph that shows the evolution within 90 days of our number of followers, but perhaps the most useful information is the “lifestyle” that includes “interests” and “Television genres,” and that informs us about what matters most to our fans: Again, we can use Twitter Analytics data to improve the quality of our content, adapting them to our audience.

In addition to the above, we have some more menus (Twitter cards, “Activity Movies” and “Tools”), which will be interesting if we use Twitter advertising, but we can not overlook the curious tab “Events” in which They appear in chronological order, social events that will be relevant in Twitter:

An entire support, although somewhat hidden, for Community manager need to be updated.

What do you think the information provided by Twitter Analytics? What other information would you like to appear?

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