The ‘digital manager’, a figure key for companies

digital manager

In early October I was hired as a digital manager (digital charge) a major Spanish company with three different business models. It took four months to define what would be my mission and my role within the company and my responsibilities.

Often it is difficult for me to explain what my work as a digital manager to other companies that are beginning to realize that they need this figure in your organization. So in this post I will try to clarify.

What is a digital manager

First, I want to clarify that a digital manager is not the same as a digital marketing manager. It is responsible for preparing the digital strategy of a project or company.

In my opinion, he is the person who analyzes the situation and prepare a diagnosis of change towards a good transformation of the field offline to online. It is the person who thinks and prepares a good strategy consistent with the objectives of digitization of the company, the project and the current operating offline.

It is also responsible for implementing this strategy with digital professional or as those who are not. There is a possibility that the project is only now, in this case the responsibilities are the same, but the result of the analysis and diagnosis will be totally different. In short, a digital manager is a digital project designer, is a strategist.

Since I started years ago as interim manager in the field of ecommerce, even today I am involved in digitization projects of large companies, I can say that there is a better development of the two parties.

Our work is well defined and marked in terms of responsibilities and obligations, and above all there is a great change of mentality of the general managers.

Following my experience, my goal is to design, promote and lead the digital transformation of enterprises in a hurry to do so and therefore, I designed my own model that fits the needs of each and that may is a good guide to determine who is who.

The question I have most developed in recent years is: what does the head of the digital strategy of the company? Then you have my answer.

Functions of the digital manager

1. Analysis and diagnosis

Search and treatment of initial information to enable the development of the project strategy. Prepare reports today digital technology including (tools), the product or service (content), the mark (branding), the company (organization) , competition (threats) and the prospective buyer ( target ).

2. Digital Strategy

Creation of digital brand identity, defining good values and the company’s DNA, preparation of a style book and a road map, in order to get a good reputation online.

Preparation of a digital marketing plan with added values and creativity, where a draft action plan positioning, acquisition and retention as well as the preparation of interesting digital content for implementing positioning strategies SEO, SEM campaigns, included email marketing , affiliation, etc.

Preparation of a plan of social media, where the social networks that will work and how often are defined.

Preparation of a detailed system of tracking web analytics and metrics to validate the results of technological tools, digital marketing plans and social media, so you can make the necessary corrections to suit their objectives.

3. Implementation

Implementation of the project technical development and integration in the company. The implementation of the action plan derived from the second point, with roadmaps and dashboards, complete with overseeing the proper functioning of daily operations, delivery and data management, you can modify the roadmaps depending on the results.

These three points are labor intensive and mission, but especially the individual contribution and professionalism of a team of professionals is needed.

That’s why one of the most important functions of the digital manager is to lead, train and manage a dynamic, digital, people for the company is evolving in this area, in addition to controlling the proper operation of all points.

In my opinion, a digital manager has a special profile, and it is important that you have sufficient knowledge in the field of technology, marketing online and offline, web analytics and social networks, to prepare and teach the way to be followed.

It is equally important to have experience in business management offline and online and is essential to generate maximum confidence to lead the team to success, achieving a natural leadership.

And I dare say it is also a necessary and obligatory figure in most companies of our country.

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