What we have seen in social networks and what awaits us

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Social networks continue to increase their prominence. More and more companies have presence in them and use them to strengthen their brand, attending incidents or just to talk and create stronger emotional ties with traditional media.

This year we have seen an increased takeoff Linkedin, which is increasingly used more for sharing content, and not just as a repository resume or as a platform for networking. Google Plus continues to stagnate, despite the efforts of the Internet giant to get her out.

later Facebook is becoming gradually more niche; professional pages (and Facebook Ads) and the inclusion of embedded videos on the platform have been the main engines this year.

Youtube continues to grow, although less and more competitors (Facebook, Vine); videos are the preferred by younger support, and businesses seeing their potentially use them increasingly in their marketing and advertising.

Twitter seeks funding formulas and try to gain a foothold in the market for sponsored ads; continues to grow but at a slower rate than in previous years. And finally, the reign of the images has given greater prominence to networks such as Instagram and Pinterest.

These are some of the new features this year:


  • New tools to manage professional pages.
  • Emoticons and logos.
  • Information on demand and security.
  • Secrets and video library in professional pages.


  • Greater role for advertising on Twitter.
  • Twitter Ads Mobile.

The videos

  • Youtube in the business environment.

  • Although not a social network, but an application, Periscope is “going strong” as a tool to relay real-time video from mobile, and has outpaced its main competitor: Market.

The images

  • The potential for an account at options in the professional environment.

What awaits us

Clearly we have social networks to stay. Although many have been predicting its end, its decay constant or drop users, the fact is that if you stick to the facts and look around- our social networks are becoming increasingly important in different fields:

The selection processes in companies are an example, very significant data: 70% of HR managers use them to recruit staff.

Customer service and loyalty: as argued by Joseph Facchin, “personalized assistance in social networking is an essential part of a service more proactive, modern social customer.” Facebook logos are a clear example of the importance that is taking social media attention: the response rate and the average time it takes a company to respond to users valued.

Reputation Online: the reviews of users in social networks about products and services of a company directly affect their brand image, much more than corporate content carried by the companies themselves.

Sales: 70% of users support the influence of social media in the purchase process, although only 12% actually bought through a social network, as is apparent from VI Study of Social Networks IAB Spain . In 2016 they will proliferate buttons with calls to action (“Buy now”, “Get it now”), so that the user can buy directly from social networks.

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