How Nurses are Using Technology

The digital world has changed the scenario of the entire globe; it has made the human life more congenial. Once an ecosystem working solely on human strength is now being run by technical robots. The advancement in technology has nurtured studies in every field. The kinds of researches done today are more accurate than the ones carried out in the donkey years. Technology is now at our fingertips. As technology is playing a vital role in various fields, it is also being extremely beneficial for the medical fields as well. In early times, doctors were more burdened as they all researches and studies were based on human brain and the medical field also lacked awareness. But today, technology has put the lives of medical professionals at ease. Now they don’t have to mug up; they can instantly carry out any research, whenever required.

The quantum leap in technologies has also been beneficial for the nurses in upgrading their level of proficiency as well as efficiency. With the help of the upgraded methods, nurses are now able to get a better overview and knowledge about the study of medicine. Due to the advanced medical technology the nurses are also getting trained on the latest systems.

The degree of knowledge has increased amongst the nurses, and this makes it easier for them to get the exact picture of the health conditions of a patient. Earlier due to the manual system used in the medical departments the job of a nurse used to be utterly strenuous, because they had to pay regular attention to the patient’s condition in order to keep a track.

By foreseeing all these issues faced the scientists invented numerous instruments which are doing wonders for the medical field and especially the nurses. Instruments like, Electronic IV Monitors, The Sphygmomanometer, Information Management, The Portable Defibrillator, Patient Remote Monitoring, Configurable Nursing Environments, Hands Free Communication Devices etc., have been designed which lets the nurses in acknowledging the exact stats and the current health condition of a patient while not keeping a constant check on the patient.

Technology has also made it easy for the nurses in attaining the required qualification to start a carrier as a nurse. For becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse the interested candidates are required to get a licensure which is going to certify them as an entry level nurse. The state board of nursing conducts an exam of NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam); this is a standardized nursing exam, which is mandatory to be cleared before seeking a carrier as an LPN or RN.

Before the establishment of the internet, the procedure of NCLEX used to be time consuming and expensive. The candidates had to travel to a particular place for giving the exam; because of the availability of the internet in almost all the parts of a country, the board now conducts an Online Test, this online test consists of a set of MCQs and is carried over at every place. A nurse can also get promoted to an advanced superior position by appearing in numerous certified Online Practice Tests. These practice tests have different difficulty levels, which can be taken only after a certain experience.

Technology has surely aided many, but it has credited nurses with far more stability and level of knowledge in their carrier.

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