Mobistealth iPhone Spy App: Does it Deliver the Goods?

Mobistealth iPhone spy app has been around for some time now, and judging from the reviews and feedback on different forums, it does seem to be packing quite a punch. To learn more about this tool, we even visited its official page, only to find ourselves impressed by the sheer amount of features on offer. Of course, the more the merrier doesn’t always hold true, so we decided to test the app out for ourselves and see if it really does deliver the goods. Here’s what we discovered during our research.

No Jailbreak Required

This is probably the most salient feature of Mobistealth iPhone spy app, one that truly sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Almost every single spy app out there requires you to jailbreak your device. However, that is not the case with this solution as it offers a non-jailbreak solution that works perfectly well on iPhones running stock firmware. It’s a huge advantage because not a lot of people are willing to void their warranty just for the sake of one app. Having this option would definitely work in Mobistealth’s favor, allowing it to grow faster because more people would feel comfortable getting it. It must be mentioned here that Mobistealth also offers a more traditional iPhone spy app that works specifically on jailbroken devices.

Social Media Spying

Who doesn’t want to spy on someone else’s social media interactions? Well, Mobistealth iPhone spy app even offers this feature, and we must say that it works flawlessly. It enables you to keep an eye on all popular instant messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, and LINE. All of these services are used worldwide by a lot of people, so making it possible to spy on them is certainly a huge benefit. Just on the basis of this and no-jailbreak feature, we can say that Mobistealth has a considerable edge over its competition. But wait, there’s more.

SMS and Call Logging

No surprise here as these are the features that you expect in every single spy app. Both SMS and call logging are present in Mobistealth and work quite well. It gives access to each and every message sent and received on the phone, along with the timestamp and the phone number of sender/recipient. It even delivers details of all the calls made and received on the phone. We did feel the absence of calling recording though.

Monitoring Browsing History

This is another feature that has become quite common in the modern day. Mobistealth ticks this box as well by making it possible to view all URLs visited on the target iPhone.

Picture and Video Logging

Pictures and videos have become an integral part of our lives since the arrival of smartphones, so it was inevitable that spy apps would eventually offer a way to spy on them as well. Mobistealth does just that by letting you see all the photos and videos on someone else’s phone without doing anything really.

Location Tracking

There is historical location tracking feature in Mobistealth, which means that it lets you keep tabs on the current and past whereabouts of the phone and thus the person carrying it.

Skype and Email Logging

Skype and emails are the two services that are commonplace in workplaces nowadays, and interestingly, Mobistealth lets you keep tabs on them without a hitch. If you’re an employer looking to keep tabs on your employees’ office communications, then this is the best fit for you.

So coming back to the question about whether Mobistealth iPhone spy app delivers the goods or not, the answer is definitely a yes. The app is created with the requirements and expectations of potential customers in mind, and thus includes almost every single feature, including remote access, that a customer can possibly hope for. The best part about this app is that all the features work really well and are pretty easy to understand even for the people who don’t possess any kind of technical knowledge. This is hands-down one of the best iPhone spy solutions available in the market at the moment.

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