Most Popular Online Jobs in 2018

Modern technology allows almost everyone to find a job online and to compete in the global market using their skills and abilities. These jobs are well suited to those who are looking for a side project or a way to have a backup income stream.

An online gig, like any other job, should be selected not only based on your knowledge and interest, but also based on the needs of the market. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the needs of the employees abroad and adjust your skills based on them.

Freelance writing

Companies rely on written content to promote their work. Even today, when there are countless other ways to promote the work of a business, there’s none more important than a clearly and convincingly written article. This provides a job opportunity to those that are able to provide such content.

Writing online and in a freelance capacity means that those writers can take on a few projects at a time and offer their services to a variety of businesses at once depending on their free time and abilities. For a lot of writers, this sort of freedom is more important than how lucrative this business is.

Customer support

Providing customer support is one of the most important tasks a modern business has. It’s usually the first contact the customers have with a business and it needs to be a pleasant and useful one. There’s much more skill in providing these services than anyone believes, because it’s difficult to always be helpful and positive when interacting with demanding customers.

Since customer support needs to be available 24/7, it’s a job that can be done from all over the world and it’s imperative that those who do it have a strong command of foreign languages in both written and oral form.

online servey

Online surveys

Companies need to have their finger on the pulse of the customers in order to accommodate their marketing efforts and their products to the needs of the market. There are countless ways of doing this, but online surveys that ask the customer directly are usually the most efficient.

Answering these surveys is a great way to make money online and all you need to do is be honest and diligent in the answers you provide. This is a great side gig but it also provides the opportunity to expand your workload when you need to.

Data entry

Businesses of all kinds need to collect and organize data about their customers and competitors. This data can be used in a variety of ways, but they are mostly there to create mailing lists for marketing purposes.

It’s a simple job, but not a particularly interesting one and it needs to be done with great care and attention to details. That’s why it’s a job that can be outsourced and done online when you have the time and only when you need the extra money.

Virtual assistants

A lot of businesses outsource almost all of their tasks. Many companies have become completely global and completely virtual. It’s a less expensive way to do business because you can save on both infrastructure and wages. These companies, however, still need assistants and office managers to keep them running smoothly.

Virtual assistants need to have all the skills and abilities of ordinary assistants. They need to be able to handle employees and their unique approaches to work. At the same time, a good virtual assistant should find a way to make themselves indispensable to the management because they make their job that much easier.

The risks

There are a few risks when taking a job from across the world. First and foremost, there’s always a concern about getting paid when you can’t enforce your contracts (or at least not easily). Secondly, it’s more difficult to create a workflow and to find an employer you can agree with when all the communication is done online.

Online jobs are still a great opportunity and they can become a steady source of income. However, you need to research the employer thoroughly and set clear rules and expectation.


These online jobs are among the most popular now, but this may change as the technology changes. They can be a full-time job or a side gig.

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