Must Have Smart Phone Apps

So you got the latest Apple or Android smart phone and now you are wondering what to do with this expensive little brick? Here are the must have smart phone apps to unleash to full power of your device.

Uber is pretty much everywhere these days and they make it convenient to get around and charge a reasonable rate. Most people seem to love Uber and their transport app is a must have smartphone app for both iOS and Andriod.  Before you download, have a friend send you an invitation code and you could be treated to a free ride. With an expanding international presence and increasing number of services include motorcycle taxis and delivery, we having the feeling you wont be uninstalling this app for a long time.

Pokémon Go
2016 is the year of Pokémon! There has never been an app that has captured the phones of so many so quickly. Pokémon Go seems to have taken over the mobile game market with no signs of slowing. The game uses augmented reality to have players to battle with cartoon Pokémon in real life settings. While some herald the game as revolutionary and praise it for encourage users to get more exercise others seem concerned about its lack of privacy protection. As we know from SiteLock Reviews privacy is a major concern for many app users. Time will tell if Pokémon Go is revolutionary or simply a fad, either way there is no denying its fun. That is why Pokémon Go is a must have smart phone app.

The Facebook owned photo sharing service has gone against all odds and is now one of the most popular social media sites in existence. A few year ago it would be hard to imagine most local businesses having their own Instagram account but now the site which was made famous for photo filters is a major web powerhouse and definitely a must have app for any smart phone user. Whether you are a photo buff yourself or just like to keep up to date with the latest happenings of your friends, favorite artists, or celebrities are up make sure you stay tuned on Instagram.

Google Maps
While Microsoft and Apple have both tried hard to compete with Google Maps neither has yet to take the throne. Google’s seemingly endless locations and turn-by-turn directions nearly anywhere in the world make this app a definite essential for any serious smart phone user. For many Google Maps is the first app they download when they bring him a new phone and for good reason. If you are new to Google Maps on a smart phone you are in for a real treat whether exploring a new city or just looking to find the quickest way home, Google Maps is a life saver.

So whether you are looking to fight Pokémon, share your favorite foodie photos, find your way around town, or get home safely, you will find these apps are essential for making the most out of your new smarthphone.

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