The Versatility of the Pallet

Pallets have been relegated to the position of product support for far too long. These trusty wooden frames are the backbone of product transportation. Without the help of national pallet delivery, shipping goods would prove a much more costly and time consuming endeavour. Yet a pallet shouldn’t be thought of as a one-dimensional niche object. The repurpose movement has heralded a new perception of pallets. No longer are they the beasts of burden, but are at times born-again materials that lead trendy second lives as bookshelves, headboards, bedframes and more.

Pallets are built for holding an inordinate amount of weight. The nailing of several pallets together can create a bookshelf the length and width of any wall. If you covet a smaller bookshelf, the boards that make up a pallet can be stripped away to custom create a bookshelf that fits into the scheme of your room. If you’re not a heavy reader you can stack bottles, shoes, DVDs or more with just a little repurposing of your pallet.

Headboards can be pricey bedroom ornaments due to their weight and use of high-quality wood. A bit of refinishing can turn pallets into hip money-saving head supports. The beauty of using a pallet is that it takes as much altering as you want it to. If desired, an unaltered pallet can merely be wiped down and placed behind your head.

Buying a bedframe for your newly purchased mattress becomes an unnecessary expense when you have a pallet around. If you’re in need of a little elevation, pallets come to the rescue as supports that can be slipped under your mattress sans alteration. Your desired elevation can easily be reached with the addition or subtraction of pallets.

The turning of a pallet into a table does require a little DIY effort, but will pay off in the end. Depending on your taste you can put as much or as little work into your new table as possible. The only problem with using a pallet as a table are the gaps between boards. These gaps can be filled with other boards or glass in order to make it living room ready.

Room Divider
A freestanding pallet divider is the rugged version of a Chinese folding screen. Here is another example of how a pallet can be repurposed with as much effort as you care to put forth. For the more indolent builder pallets can be stacked and nailed together to create a wall as far and wide as your secrecy permits. Be warned that moving the ‘screen’ will require more effort than its construction, so use foresight when building.

The next time you’re in a hip home or store, be on the lookout for born-again pallets getting the most from their second lives as valued household furnishings.

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